Man Fires Shot at Motown News Crew

A Motown Reporter was shot at after knocking on the door of a home invasion victim.

Last week an 88-year old man answered a knock at his door. The person knocking was a woman who encouraged the 88-year-old to open the door. As he did, two men rushed inside his home.

The two men pushed in, shoved the man to the ground, put a handgun to the man's head and tied him up with a phone cord. A blanket was put over his face.

Yesterday, WXYZ (Detroit) Reporter Jonathan Carlson thought it would be OK to knock on this man's door again. Really?!

The 88 year old man was obviously a little traumatized from what happened the last time a stranger knocked. 

So this time the old man answered the door with a gunshot.

WXYZ says the man came out on the porch, looked at Carlson and fired a shot, while the photographer was still on the porch trying to escape.

After the shot was fired, from about 10 feet away, the crew ran for cover behind the news van, then noticing the man went back inside, they ran behind a farther away tree, and called 911.

Cops lead the poor man away in handcuffs. 

It is unclear if the man will face any charges.

Let's hope the poor old guy is not brought up on any charges. 

As for the news crew that knocked on this old guy's door? Will let Judge Judy show you how we feel: