Employee Incident Puts The Weather Channel on Lockdown

A source tells FTVLive that The Weather Channel recently hired 24 hour, around the clock security (off duty cops) who were checking everyone's IDs as they enter the company's parking lot. Currently, there is no gate system of any kind. Anyone can drive in. 

This is not the normal rent-a-cop that sleeps in the lobby. Apparently, there has been an issue with a former employee who was making threats.

FTVLive reached out to TWC and they did confirm that security had been beefed up. 

"We did put additional security in place at our Atlanta office and had officers checking ID badges as employees and contractors entered our property....but that has since been discontinued, said Weather Channel Spokesperson Shirley Powell to FTVLive. 

Powell added, "We took those measures in an abundance of caution after an isolated employee incident that occurred offsite.   We take all security concerns seriously and our employee's safety is our first and foremost priority."

TWC did not mention which employee was involved incident or what said employee did that caused the step up in security.