Well Damn!!!!! Would you Look at that!

CNN has issued a press release saying that the network has hired former Fox News Anchor Alisyn Camerota.

Many of the media are reporting this news Today and social media is lighting up with CNN's new hire. 

Yet FTVLive readers found out this was happening back in March! Yes March!!

On March 31st, FTVLive wrote, "FTVLive has learned FIRST and EXCLUSIVELY from CNN sources that Camerota will be soon headed to CNN. "It's still months away, but she is 100% going to end up on CNN," our source tells FTVLive."

Of course there were those that questioned our report. We even offered up a bet to anyone that would take it. 

Sooner or later everyone learns not to question FTVLive's scoops.

Some just take longer than others. 

Just ask Piers Morgan.