'The Now' Debuts in Denver and KC

A new show hit the air on the Scripps stations in Denver and Kanas City. The show is called 'The Now' and it is being billed as combination of news, lifestyle information and entertainment stories with a focus on topics that are trending on social media networks.

Judging by the first show, it needs work. 

The Now was broadcast on KMGH Denver and KSHB Kansas City, Mo. with plans to roll out the show to six more Scripps stations over the next couple of months.

TV has still not figured out how to put news and social media together and The Now is not either.

Basically, Scrips is hoping if they throw up a few viral videos and mention Twitter a bunch of times, they will have a young and hip show on their hands.

Social media doesn't work like that and it is scary how few TV news people have no clue how social media works at all. 

In the first show, The Now talked about how 'Instant Coffee Sales Skyrocket Overseas'....excuse my french, but who the fuck cares about that?

Someday someone is going to figure out how to make a news program and social media work together.

Judging by The Now's first show....Scripps hasn't done that yet.

Stay tuned, we have a feeling that The Now will be The Cancelled before too long if Scripps doesn't retool the show.

Stay tuned....