Weather Nation Hires 'Natural Hair" Meteorologist

You may remember that back in 2012, meteorologist Rhonda Lee made headlines after she was fired from her job at KTBS in Louisiana for defending herself on Facebook against racist comments about Lee sporting her natural hair.

This weekend, Lee announced that WeatherNation hired her as an on-air meteorologist.

Lee's saga began when several viewers left ugly comments on Shreveport, Louisiana-based KTBS' Facebook page about the meteorologist opting to wear her natural hair rather than "wear a wig or grow more hair," as one Facebook user put it.

Lee responded to the comment on Facebook and the station fired her for violating the station's social media policy, which instructs employees to ignore complaints or tell them to contact the company's ombudsman.

In addition to suing KTBS over her firing, Lee also has a pending lawsuit against one of her former employers, KXAN in Austin, Texas, after she says she was "repeatedly subjected to crude and insensitive remarks about her race."

In a post on her Facebook page, Rhonda Lee said that she isn't sure when her new job with WeatherNation will begin, but she's moving from Shreveport to Denver in a couple of weeks.

H/T Gawker