Former News Chopper Pilot Becomes Officially a Woman

Back in June of 2013, FTVLive told you that Reporter Bob Tur who is credited with for designing and building the first modern news helicopter and the creator of Los Angeles News Service was in the early stages of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to transition from male to female.

4 days ago, Tur underwent the final stage, gender reassignment surgery.

Bob Tur is now Zoey Tur.

"My 3rd day as anatomically female," Tur tweeted June 27, giving her 72 followers an update. "No fever, pain or swelling. Look forward to never being understood by men or wrong!"

Before Tur underwent the surgery and the change to a woman, a fried suggested that he talk to Dirk Vahle, ."I said, 'Why? Dirk Vahle is an a-hole.' She said, 'Because Dirk is now Dana.'"

The last time they were in contact with one another was during the Simpson chase. After an initially "tense" reunion, Tur and Vahle became close pals, who were able to relate to each other's change process.

"When you go through something like this," Tur added to the station, "it's like going to war. It's very, very rough, and you need people out there who understand. Dana was very understanding."

H/T NY Daily News