Now that's a Shitty Story

I'm not sure if you can call this great investigative reporting, but KTVI (St. Louis) Reporter Chris Hayes (pictured) tracked down the man that was responsible for placing hidden cameras in restrooms around Chesterfield, Mo. and posting videos of men pooping to the internet. Because you know....who doesn't want to see that?

"When I saw myself pooping, I was just like you've gotta be kidding me," Rob Cheney told KTVI and Reporter Hayes. Cheney added that he'd just moved to Chesterfield  "Three weeks and I'm already on a poop cam pretty much. So three weeks and everybody's seen me poop? That's terrible. Hahaha."

So, how did Hayes sniff this story out?

He was first tipped off about the filming scheme when someone found a hidden camera in a bathroom at the Chesterfield Mall, noticed that many of the secretly-videoed men were wearing they same uniform. That led him to Cheney, who he asked to remember what bathrooms he'd recently used.

KTVI launched a full investigation saying: "Fox 2 checked his list of rest rooms, comparing the online video to each bathroom. Then we found a perfect match, from the floor tiles to the drain by the toilet."

The key break, according KTVI, came when Hayes noticed that the pooping bathroom webpage, which shut down during the investigation, linked to a house in St. Charles County owned by the suspect, later identified as Officer David Cerna, a six-year veteran of the Chesterfield Police Department.

Cerna was arrested after a raid on his home and charged with invasion of privacy in St. Louis and St. Charles counties.

"The Chesterfield Police Department has arrested one of our own officers, working from a tip from an investigative reporter Chris Hayes from Fox 2 News." Chesterfield Police Chief Ray Johnson said at a press conference. "It was rather shocking of course and took a minute to sink in, but we realized the severity of it and just set out to deal with it immediately as we would with any other suspect."

So now if you are in St. Louis and you want to poop in private, you can thank Reporter Chris Hayes.

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