Former Miami Anchor in ICU

Former WSVN and WPLG Anchor Kelley Mitchell is in intensive care at a Miami Hospital. 

Mitchell, who was a main Anchor at WSVN when the station went independent and launched if-it-bleeds-it-leads style of news with flashy graphics that was copied by stations across the country, suffered a collapsed lung.

Mitchell, 58, now an afternoon anchor on WLRN radio, says her doctors are still trying to figure out how she ended up with a right lung that could barely inflate.

“It’s sorta of a mystery,” Mitchell said. “All I know is that I started wheezing during Memorial Day weekend and the nurse at the urgent care facility sent me to the hospital.”

At times, Mitchell’s trademark gravely voice still sounds like she inhaled helium, but she says she expects to be sent home or transferred out of ICU by Tuesday.

“I still have a bunch of tubes inside of me,” she said. “I hope they’ll take them out soon.”

She added she hopes to return to work within days. She is, she admitted, a little bored.

“Some people have taken to texting me pictures of their dogs,” she said.

Twelve years ago, Mitchell was very public about her winning battle with breast cancer, something she chronicled on the ABC affiliate WPLG.

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