Why Did Big Easy Station Dump the Today Show?

WDSU in New Orleans dumped the last hour of the Today Show on Friday, all because of who was co-hosting the show. 

Kathie Lee Gifford was taking the day off and Hoda Kotb turned to her very good friend Karen Swensen to sit alongside her.

You see Swensen is the News Anchor at WWL in New Orleans. So, WDSU decided that there was no way they were going to give Swensen free promotion on their air and they dumped Today.

A number of NOLA viewers were not happy that the station pulled Today and robbed them of their chance to see a local anchor on a national platform. Kotb met Swensen years ago when they both worked at WWL. 

WDSU took to their Facebook page to try and explain their decision:

Needless to say, viewers were still pissed:

No matter what WDSU says, it was a bad move and they made the wrong choice.

Just saying....