Fox Stations Beef Up News at the O&O's

The Fox O&O stations are going to expand their news presence in Los Angeles; Philadelphia; Washington; Atlanta; Minneapolis; Phoenix; Charlotte, N.C.; Memphis; and Austin, Texas.

The stations are adding newscasts in different time periods. Some stations are adding or expanding weekend newscasts, while other station are tacking on more news during the week. 

The expansion has already started in some markets and will wrap up in early september, when KMSP in Minneapolis adds at 6PM newscast.

“Uninformed critics say big companies are cutting local news,” Fox Television Stations CEO Jack Abernethy said in a statement. “However, the opposite is true at FOX. We are expanding in a big way.”

Not sure who those critics are that Abernethy is talking about? It seems like most local stations have been in news expansion mode for quite some time.