It's a Match Made in News Heaven

20 years ago, OJ Simpson's houseguest Kato Kaelin was a household name and the butt of many late night talk show hosts jokes. 

Kaelin is now 55 years old (really?! God that makes us feel old) and is dating an LA newswoman.

According to RumorFix, Kaelin is dating KCAL anchor Leyna Nguyen.

The two have been gushing about each other all over social media. 

Nguyen writes:”Thank you Kato, for turning this cynical hard-head into a ball of mush.” And later she tweeted, “thank u @Kato_Kaelin for the love & laughter.”

Kaelin shoots back on Instagram: “You make me smile : Ur my EVERYTHING @leynanguyennews - the laughs, the love. If this is a dream, DONT pinch me. #love.”

Ummmmm....I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.