Staffers Worry about Vegas Station's Future

FTVLive told you that KSNV station owner Jim Rogers died over the weekend. 

Now staffers at the Sin City station are wondering what the future will bring to KSNV? 

In December when Rogers told station staffers that he was battling cancer again, he stood up in the newsroom and vowed that “whatever happens, the station will not be put up for sale.”

But staffers are not so sure.

The Las Vegas Review Journal says that employees were shaken by the visit of Sinclair Broadcast Group executives, which included chairman, president and CEO David D. Smith, according to KSNV vice president and general manager Lisa Poe-Howfield.

“They raised a lot of eyebrows,” said a station employee who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

KSNV is the last remaining station from Rogers’ one-time empire of 14 stations. Rogers owned the station since 1979 and turned it into a powerhouse until a decline in recent years amid a high turnover of anchors and other on-air personalities.

If Sinclair were to purchase KSNV, it likely would have major political implications.

“It could go from liberal ownership to conservative,” said a source at the station. “Jim more than leaned left and these guys more than lean right.

Stay tuned....