CNN's Sixties Special Sinks in the Demos

CNN boss Jeff Zucker was puffing his chest out about the big ratings that CNN's The Sixties pulled.

CNN spent months promoting the special and even threw a big party to kick it off. The ratings were good, but the demos?

Not so much.

In fact of all the CNN special reports including Zucker's favorite Blackfish, the 60's did the worse when it came to the demos that advertisers love. 

This Nielsen chart shows that the 60's was at the bottom of the CNN specials in the demo:

Of course when you do a special about the 60's even someone born at the very end of the 60's (1969) would still be 45 years old. And really the audience that are most likely interested in the 1960's were most likely born in the 40's or 50's. 

So, it wasn't like this was going to be a demo hit when CNN first planned it. I wonder if anyone at CNN figured that out before they started the project?

Just asking....