DC Reporter Finds Hidden Cash

Yesterday, FTVLive told you about the San Francisco guy that goes by the name @HiddenCash on Twitter hiding money around the Bay Area and leaving clues on Twitter as to where the money is.

Now copycats are popping up, at least one in LA and another in DC. 

The DC person posted the first clue on Twitter at 6:45am, buy 8:45am a local DC TV Reporter found the cash. 

The envelope contained $25 and a note asking her to buy a cup of coffee for herself and a person who couldn’t afford it.

WTTG Reporter Melanie Alnwick found the money although she claims she wasn't really looking for it. "I didn't even plan to search for it.  I just happened to be in the right area on my way back to the station in northwest D.C. "

As to what she did with the money? She gave it to a homeless guy. "I saw a guy living next to the library, trying desperately to keep his life's belongings protected from the gloomy drizzle.  He was wary of me at first. Suspicious.   I showed him the note and asked if he'd allow me to give him the money.  A broad, warm smile bloomed across his craggy face.  THAT was worth it."

Some think the DC money hider is really a local radio station trying to drum up publicity.