Get the Hell Out of Here!

It's been just a few days since Elliot Rodger (sorry Anderson) went on his killing spree, but the residents in the area around the killing have already grown sick of the media.

Student residents of the UC Santa Barbara community of Isla Vista are ready for the media to pack up their sat trucks and get the hell out of their town.  

Several UC Santa Barbara students had blocked the front windows of I.V. Deli Mart in Isla Vista with white closet doors. The deli is where mass killer Elliot Rodger fatally shot Christopher Michaels-Martinez, bringing to six the number of his victims. 

More than a dozen reporters were camped out on Pardall Road in front of the deli -- and had been for days, their cameras and lights and gear taking up an entire lane of the street. At one point, police officers showed up to ensure that tensions did not boil over.

The students stared straight-faced at reporters. Some held signs expressing their frustration with the news media:


"Remembrance NOT ratings."

"Stop filming our tears."

"Let us heal."


H/T LA Times