Sweeps Piece in the Can

FTVLive told you back on the first day of the book that KCBS kicked of ratings by trotting out former LA Anchor Bree Walker.

Walker was a longtime SoCal Anchor that was busted for DUI and has been fighting her addiction. 

Well, it appears that KCBS has packaged up that story and sent it off to sister station WCBS in New York.

The Big Apple O&O is running a promo for "Bree Walker's struggle of a lifetime...a CBS 2 Special Report tonight at 11."   

Walker did anchor the news on WCBS, but that was so long ago it's a Trivial Pursuit reference now.  And of course the promo included the obligatory copy "she had it all...what happened?"

Many viewers watching the story will be saying, "WHO?"

Don't you just love ratings?