Don't Judge...But the Show isn't Happening

Casey Anthony trial judge Belvin Perry won't be going Hollywood.

" 'The Judge Belvin Perry Show' isn't going to happen," Jim Lichtenstein, who would have been executive producer, said Saturday night. "We've officially pulled the plug on the project."

Perry, the Orange-Osceola chief judge, gained national fame during the Casey Anthony trial.Lichtenstein covered the Anthony trial as a freelance producer for NBC's "Today."

Lichtenstein's agent, Mark Itkin of the William Morris Endeavor agency, originally tried to sell the syndicated show for fall 2014. Then they tried to sell the show for fall 2015 with a new concept.

But now they have abandoned the project.

"While all of the syndicators really like Judge Perry, they are just not buying any judge shows," Lichtenstein said in an email. "In fact, they're getting rid of some."

H/T Orlando Sentinel