Morale Sinks at CNN Atlanta

Insiders say that morale at CNN in Atlanta continues to sink as Jeff Zucker moves more and more of the operations to New York. 

A week ago the Editors, Producers and Media Coordinators who were told they'd be laid off a few weeks go, worked their last day.

Sources say that on that same day, interviews were conducted for the newly posted jobs that were the replacements for those laid off. Of course, at lower pay grades.

Insiders say that CNN hired 4 new editors (22 laid off in ATL) in New York.

Zucker has claimed to the folks in Atlanta that he isn't planning to relocate jobs from ATL to NYC, but that is exactly what is happening.

Most of the editing and producing that was done in Atlanta is now being down in CNN's New York studios. 

One insider says that to make matters worse, Zucker is not a fan of some of the company benefits, including CNN's tuition reimbursement program. If an employee wants to go back to school the company pays half. 

Some think that Zucker will get rid of that benefit soon.

Stay tuned....