Things Going From Bad to Worse at Al Jazeera

As we predicted, Al Jazeera is dying in the ratings and the cable news channel is already making cuts.

Last week we told you that Al Jazeera America's flagship show, "America Tonight," was being pre-empted on Wednesdays for the next few months in favor of a reality show. 

Now there's more bad news.

Sources tell FTVLive that the  Friday broadcast has now been turned into a half hour "special." These specials are pre-recorded and contain little news. Also, insiders say, on other days of the week the show has begun to rerun pieces that aired weeks earlier. These pieces are often outdated and have not been updated. 

Insiders believe that the end is near for "America Tonight," especially in comparison to the channel's two other programs, the business shows anchored by Ali Velshi, which expanded to an hour this week and the one anchored by John Siegenthaler, which is at least has some viewers. 

AJA has only been averaging 15,000 total viewers in primetime, and about 5,000 viewers in the target 25-to-54-year-old demo, according to Nielsen which is considered nothing more than hash marks.

The deathwatch for the entire network has been kicked up a few notches.

Not to say we told you so.....