WTF? PA Station Interviews KKK Grand Dragon

Whenever a big story breaks, local stations love to try and localize the story or do the the old "could it happen here?"

It is a crutch that TV news has used for decades.

But, WTAJ took it to a whole new level when they tried to "localize" the story of a former Kansas Klan leader killing three people at a Jewish Community Center.

WTAJ figured if they were going to localize the story they need to get both sides, so they called up the local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan and sat down with the Grand Dragon.


You'll be happy to know two things. First, the PA Grand Dragon says the Klan  is not a hate group and says he even has "a lot of black friends." Oh my God the station actually used that quote on air.

The second thing you will notice is the Klan has obviously gone green. No white robe for the Grand Dragon.

Good to see the Klan is environmentally friendly. 

Shame of WTAJ for doing this story and letting this idiot on the air.

Let's go to the video: