Layoffs at Al Jazeera America

Remember when Al Jazeera America launched?

FTVLive said the network would pull no ratings and they said they were in it for the long haul and had the financial backing to go for a long time.

Well, the network is still basically pulling hashmarks in the ratings and the money seems to be drying up.

Add that up and what do you have?


Al Jazeera America is laying dozen staffers and telling freelancers their services are no longer needed. 

One sources tells FTVLive that the channel's flagship newscast, "America Tonight" with Joie Chen, will be pre-empted on Wednesdays for, of all things, a reality show (wait a minute! Is Jeff Zucker moonlighting at AJA?).

Either way, it's never good when the flagship show is regularly pre-empted. 

Stay tuned...