Shots Fired Outside Houston Station

A person opened fire outside the KTRK studios this morning, and was quickly taken into police custody, thanks to a quick-thinking eyewitness.

It was right around 9am when police say the woman fired off several shots at the front of the station.

At five minutes before 9 this morning, cell phone picture was taken from across the street of a woman firing at the front of the KTRK building. Several shots hit glass on a second-story plate glass window. Several cars in the front parking lot were also struck.

The station says that the shooter made it no farther than the security fence that encircles station property. Police were immediately called.

Within 20 minutes the woman was in custody, found in her car in the area. It was a silver Camaro, the same kind that was caught on surveillance video about six weeks ago when several shots were fired at cars in the parking lot.

A KTRK spokesperson issued this official statement: " We want to thank Jeff Tobin, the alert eyewitness who heroically took photos while shots were still being fired, which helped police quickly apprehend the suspect. We are grateful to Houston Police Department for their fast response, that no one was injured and the ABC-13 staff is safe and sound."