Geraldo's Missing Plane Theory

Fox News's Geraldo Rivera is not going to sit by idly and let CNN's Don Lemon come up with all the wacky ideas that happened the missing Malaysian flight.

This morning on Fox and Friends, Geraldo have a few of his theories as to what happened to the missing jet.

Rivera said that it was possible that the plane was hijacked and landed somewhere so that the hijackers could get to a “secret passenger” of some importance.

Rivera said that he thought a recent lead on the missing plane linked to debris in the South Indian Ocean was not going to prove fruitful. He said that, similar to the movie All is Lost, that debris was likely a container that fell off of a transoceanic shipping liner.

Rivera said that his “favorite” theory, which he added has about a 5 percent likelihood of being true, is that the plane was hijacked and landed somewhere. “Not to take off again to be used as a weapon, but just to get it someplace so they could get to the secret passenger or the secret cargo,” Rivera submitted.

Rivera added that even more likely is that the plane’s oxygen levels sank to the point where most of the passengers and crew became unconscious.

When host Brian Kilmeade asked who, then, would have disabled the plane’s transponders, Rivera said he could not account for all the variables in this mystery.Oops! Guess he forgot about that last part. 

Some viewers are hoping the black hole opens up and swallows both Geraldo and Don Lemon, so we don't have to listen to their wacky theories anymore. 

H/T Mediaite