Boston Reporter: I'M Cancer Free

Some good news out of Bean Town.

WBZ Reporter Bill Shields got good news earlier this week. “I’m cancer free,” he said gleefully on Thursday, from the newsroom, where he was, of course, working on a story.

Shields, who’s been with the station for 33 years, was diagnosed with lung cancer in October, but despite an initially grim “inoperable” diagnosis, Shield said, two Dana-Farber Cancer Institute doctors said, “ ‘We’re going to see what we can do about this.’ They maxed me out on chemo and radiation, and I had my final PET scan on Tuesday.” The results left Shields and his wife, Katherine Rossmoore , a yoga teacher and health coach, hugging, and his doctors, David Jackman and Raymond Mak , high fiving, he said.

He also tweeted the news. “Now, I am back to work full time . . . minus my hair!” Shields was off the air for six weeks while undergoing treatment and says he’s returned with a new appreciation for life. “I’m almost 62. I told my photographer I’m going to stop and smell the roses.” That more Zen approach, by the way, is something he’s yet to mention to his news directors. “I haven’t gone over that with them. I’m sure they’re hoping I don’t relax during the day.”

H/T Boston Globe