Christmas Jammies Anchor could Land Reality Show

When FTVLive posted the video of then WNCN Anchor Penn Holderness and his wife, former ‘Inside Edition’ correspondent Kim Dean Holderness doing a rap in their Christmas Jammies, it only had a few hundred views on YouTube.

Now the video has over 13 million and the Christmas jammy family might be landing a reality show. 

Penn Holderness tells me multiple production companies have contacted them about a reality show.

“Reality shows, they go in cycles and they’re all looking for the same thing all the time,” he says. “For awhile, it was strong crazy women. Then it was big, outrageous groups of characters. And the next thing people are looking for is a family business.”

And the success of “Duck Dynasty” didn’t hurt that cause, he points out.

Holderness and team have narrowed the field to one undisclosed company. And, while he won't let me print the name, he does say they've had some past reality television show successes.

And they’re interested in filming a pilot. Legalities could stand in the way. Holderness says the new company, dubbed GreenRoom, is signing several deals, which could impact a reality show. But it’s a possibility that, some day, the Holderness clan will stack up against the likes of “John and Kate.” A pilot could start filming this week.

There will be one big difference, however.

“We’re not going to do a show where our kids are going to be the forefront of it,” he says. “We don’t want them to be Honey Boo Boo.”

Thank God for that. 

H/T Triangle Business Journal