The Nightmare might soon Be Over at Buffalo Station


Back on December 9th, FTVLive told you that WKBW in Buffalo might finally get some good news.

When the station was taken over by Granite it went from first to worst in the ratings and it has been a nightmare for anyone still left working at the station. 

Now, word comes that the sale of WKBW might finally happen and Scripps is likely the savior.  

The deal could be announced as early as tomorrow and the party could start at WKBW shortly after that announcement.

It has been sad to watch the one time powerhouse station being gutted by longtime GM Bill Ransom (thankfully now retired) and Granite.

It will take a ton of work to bring WKBW back from the dead.

ut, this could be the start and the day many WKBW employees having been looking to for a very long time. 

Stay tuned.....