Traffic Reporter Sacked after DUI Arrest


Yesterday, FTVLive told you that after 30+ Traffic and Entertainment Reporter Rusty Gatenby has been kicked to the curb.

Now we know why he was sacked.

On Jan. 19, at 1:23 AM Gatenby was arrested for DUI after allegedly blowing a .134, according to the South Lake Minnetonka Police Department incident report.

Very embarrassing. I’ve had a clean record my whole life,” Gatenby told the Star Tribune. 

“I wish I could handle this privately,” Gatenby said.

But this didn’t happen in private. A police stop is public.

Was this his first DWI arrest?

“Yes,” he said. “And it was in the neighborhood and I had health issues with a member of my family I was dealing with; I was literally on neighborhood roads to go home.”

He said he was pulled over for not coming to a complete stop at a sign about 3 miles from his residence.

And now he's out of a job.