The Feb Book is a Throw Away Because of the Olympics


Most often when a ratings book ends, FTVLive likes to give you the scorecard of how stations did in their respective markets.

We love getting the press releases from the stations that got killed in the ratings and see how they try and spin the numbers.

The February book is normally a very important one, but this year its pretty much a throw out book. The Olympics in Sochi skewed the numbers and really make the rating book worthless.

Let's look at Chicago for an example. WLS is the powerhouse station in the late news at 10:00. But, in this rating period the station will lose the late news to WMAQ.

But when you exclude the six nights that programming from Sochi delayed the start of NBC 5’s late news, it’s a totally different story: ABC-owned WLS-Channel 7, the perennial market leader, finishes ahead by a margin of more than 30 percent (or more than 109,500 households). Among viewers between 25 and 54, it’s a dead heat between the two.

In other words, if you're an NBC affiliate and you didn't do very well this rating book, you might as well turn off the transmitter and say goodbye.

But, stay tuned....the May book is right around the corner. 

H/T Robert Feder