That Looks so Familiar (Updated)

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Yesterday, bad weather delayed the Daytona 500 by almost 6 and a half hours.

Fox Sports filled the long weather delay window by running a repeat of last year's race. The network had a crawl at the bottom of the screen, saying that the current race was in a weather delay and that this was a repeat of last year's race.

Unfortunately, TV screens have been so gummed up with crawls that viewers don't read them anymore. Twitter was lit up with people tweeting about last year's race believing that it was live.

While Fox Sports ran the crawl, they also should have called over to sister Fox News. FNC tweeted the news that Jimmie Johnson had won the race just like he did last year. Problem was, FNC was watching last year's race.



BTW After the weather delay, Dale Earnhardt Jr. won this year's race.

Update: Fox News did apologize for their stupid mistake:

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