How I Work - Linda Yu


For Today's segment of How I Work, we head to the Windy City and longtime WLS Anchor Linda Yu.

Location:  Chicago .. at ABC7, WLS-TV
Current gig:  Anchor/reporter
Current computer:  At work … it says ASUS
Current mobile device: iPhone4
One word that best describes how you work: Thorough
What are your favorite Apps that you can't live without?
I must be a total news person … mostly news apps, and my indulgence ..the New York Times crossword puzzle app.


What's your workspace like?
Chaos.  Things are a mess, but I know where everything is.  I’m also surrounded by panda things (stuffed, on boxes, night lights, photos, paintings) … our audience knows I love pandas and they send them in all forms, shapes and sizes.  Audience also seems to know I love orchids .. so my office usually has 1 or 2 or 5 orchid plants.  Right now, things are crowded, since I have a walker and wheelchair, until the spring when I hope I can walk again!
Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can't you live without?
My iPad!

What Music are you listening to?
Since the Beatles big anniversary special, I’ve gone back to pulling out all my old Beatles ALBUMS and CDs.
What's your sleep routine like?
I’m lucky enough now to work a normal  day … so I was able to sleep a normal schedule.  Lately, after my accident and 2 surgeries on my broken leg, I am ecstatic if I can get 4 or 5 hours straight of sleep!

Best Advice you Ever Got?
My mentor in this business was Bill Fyffe.  It was not  what he said, but what he did.  When he first gave me a vacation relief writers job, he criticized my scripts every day.  This went on for weeks until one day, I took my scripts, looked at his notes, ran into the bathroom and burst into tears.  But very quickly, I got angry … walked straight out of the bathroom and into his office … threw the scripts down on his desk and said … I know I’m a good writer and there’s no reason for you to pick on me. He leaned back, smiled and said.. I was just waiting for you to get angry and tell me you believed in yourself!

Best Thing About your Job?
Early in my career, I got to do a story that helped some people.  I was hooked and have always felt I am in broadcasting because sometimes, we are able to do a story that helps people.  Also … years ago, when there was a major breaking story , I was on the air all day.  The next day, people said they had watched the whole day.  One woman told me: when bad things happen, you make me feel safe. 
I always remember that when I’m doing breaking news.
Worst thing about your Job?
People think you’re a celebrity.  We aren’t. We have jobs that happen to be on television.

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