What the hell?!

If you watched the Olympics you might have been confused when a piece down by Tom Brokaw was really a commercial for a movie from NBC Universal.

Brokaw narrated the commercial during NBC's Olympics coverage.

Whe the spot started, it seemed like a feature by Brokaw on Olympian Louie Zamperini. But it carried the NBC Universal logo, not NBC News.

Midday through it turned into a commercial for Angelina Jolie’s “Unbroken,” a Universal movie due this year.

Showbiz 411 writes, maybe Brokaw did commercials on air when he was on the Today show. But narrating a commercial for a movie? Is this what we’re calling ‘native advertising’– when the ads are indiscernible from the editorial? Brokaw never seemed the type. Who paid him? What are we to make of this? That he’s endorsing the movie? (No one’s even seen it.) Very strange stuff here. What next? Brian Williams touting “Despicable Me 3″?

Here's the Brokaw shill piece that aired: