Why One Chicago Anchor will be Glued Watching the Competition


Linda Yu is the popular Anchor at WLS, the ABC O&O in Chicago. And even though it's a rating book, you can bet that Yu will have her TV turned to CBS on Monday night.

It's OK,  even her bosses couldn't blame her.

Yu's daughter Francesca Baer will be on CBS’s drama, “Intelligence,” which stars Josh Holloway (“Lost”) as a high-tech intelligence operative with a super computer microchip in his brain. In the episode, Holloway’s character, Gabriel, investigates the deaths of renowned scientists who are being killed by microscopic robots in their blood stream.

The 25-year-old Baer will play Olivia, a research assistant working in artificial intelligence. Olivia is forced to take the doctor she works for to the emergency room when he becomes unconscious and begins to bleed out.

And although Baer has no thoughts of following her Mom into TV news, she still credits Mom for her success, “I never wanted to go into journalism,” Baer said, “but I know I gained confidence in myself and in being onstage by watching how my mother handles herself on TV, especially during breaking news, and when she hosts/MCs events around Chicago. I've always been inspired by her.”

H/T Chicago Tribune