Here's your Chance to be Interviewed By Larry King

Larry King was on CNN for like 135 years before being kicked to the curb and replaced by Piers Morgan, who only last like 10 minutes.

King interviewed thousands of people, but he never landed that one big interview. 


This is your chance to sit down with the King and have him ask you some softball questions, just like he did all those years at CNN. 

If you're in Chicago, head over to the Museum of Broadcast Communications and get interviewed by Larry King.

It's really just a virtual interview and they edit it together to make it look real (well, to be honest, it doesn't even look very real). 

Now you can so the same thing in iMovie but then the Chicago Museum doesn't get to shake you down for a few bucks.

Maybe next year the museum will do the same thing with Piers Morgan. Maybe not....

Anyway, this is what your sit-down with Larry King will look like: