NBC Suits Blame BriWi's Daughter for Low Peter Pan Ratings

Instead of flying high, Peter Pan crashed and burned in the ratings and it appears that some NBC suits are putting the blame on Brian Williams' daughter, Allsion, but no one is saying so publicly.

The NY Daily News writes that at least two top executives at NBC say that network brass were upset by the 9.2 million viewers who tuned into “Peter Pan Live!”

NBC suits assumed that the ratings would be better than last year’s “Sound of Music Live!” as the network got more press for this production than they did in 2013.

More than 18 million viewers tuned in last year.

The problem now is that NBC is in a very tricky position — internally some high-ranking brass blamed the lukewarm ratings on Allison Williams’ star power, or lack of it, but they cannot say anything publicly because of the network’s relationship to Brian Williams.

The sources note that the next time NBC does a live musical they plan to cast a star on par with Carrie Underwood, the country music megastar whose massive fan base ignited the ratings for “Sound of Music Live!” last year.

Don't look for BriWi to promote that one as much as he did for Peter Pan.