Forget the News...Peter Pan is on

It was a busy news day in Minneapolis yesterday.

There were protests across the Twin Cites, one of which shutdown part of I-35 for a couple hours.

There was also  a controversial high school league meeting about transgender athletes.

KARE 11 tweeted a couple of times about these big stories, but the station seemed much more into Peter Pan which was airing on their station.

In fact, news took a back seat to Peter and the live production. 

And while we're sure no one will admit to it, we're betting that some sort of mandate was emailed out, asking station employees to tweet about the show as well. Watching the Twitter stream, you could see KARE Anchors, Reporters, Producers and even Sports people tweeting about the show. 

A final Tweet asked viewers what play they would like to see next. Like KARE has any say in that matter? 

We can understand promotion, but it just seemed like a lot of effort for a show that KARE really had nothing to do with.

Just saying...