Ummmmm....No That is Not Correct (Update)

The big news down here in North Florida was who will be the new Head Football Coach for the Florida Gators.

WJAX (Jacksonville) Reporter Jessie McDonough was sent down to Gainesville to try and get the scoop. She filed a report to the station's website saying that the Gators were looking to hire "Florida State Head Coach Jim McElwain".

That had to be big news to Jimbo Fisher, who is the Florida State Coach, McElwain is the coach at Colorado State, which is located slightly west of Tallahassee.

Believe me, it might seem like a small mistake that McDonough made, but in the land of the Gators and Seminoles it is a Huge mess up.

Here is video of her quick report (watch it before the station sees this story and pulls it).

Update: As predicted, after the FTVLive story, the station pulled the video.

Imagine that?