Best and Worst of TV News 2014: News Set

Time to see which station has the best and the worst news set in the business.

The Best:

KTVA - Anchorage 

You might think that the best news set is in a huge market at an O&O where an unlimited budget can buy you a set that is second to none.

But you would be wrong.

The best news set is in the tiny market of Anchorage, Alaska and KTVA. The stations set looks better than anything the networks have.

The set was designed and built by Devlin Design Group and it is gorgeous. You can see more of the set at this link.

The Worst:

WTLV - Jacksonville

We will be honest, none of the stations ion Jacksonville have very good news sets and all of them are in desperate need of upgrades.

WJXT set looks very washed out, but WTLV's is no doubt the worst in the market. The shot blocking is not good and the Gannett station's set looks like it is still stuck in the late 90's

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