FTVLive EXCLUSIVE: Camerota to Replace Bolduan on CNN's New Day

Back on October 14, 2013, FTVLive reported that CNN New Day Anchor Chris Cuomo told CNN President Jeff Zucker that he thinks he needs a new co-anchor.

Cuomo was not a fan of his co-Anchor Kate Bolduan almost from the get go and wanted her to be replaced. 

Bolduan never was Zucker's first choice as the morning Anchor, he first wanted to go with Erin Burnett. But, as FTVLive FIRST told you that deal died before it ever happened, when Burnett pulled out her contract that stated she was to Anchor only in prime time. 

Almost a year ago on January 28th, FTVLive reported that Zucker was exploring moving Bolduan off of New Day and was looking for a replacement. 

Then months before it ever happened, FTVLive FIRST reported that former Fox News Anchor Alisyn Camerota was going to CNN.

Now, FTVLive reports FIRST and EXCLUSIVELY that Camerota will be replacing Kate Bolduan early in the new year. Camerota has been filing in on New Day since Bolduan left on maternity leave and she is now getting the job full time.

As FTVLive reported, Zucker wanted Robin Meade to move over from HLN and take the New Day job, but Meade refused to leave Atlanta and dug in her heels. Zucker has now decided to go with Camerota to sit alongside Cuomo.

In Early 2015, the show will use Cuomo, Camerota and news reader Michaela Pereira as the main Anchors of New Day. The decision has been made and CNN was expected to announce the change just after the New Year. No word now that FTVLive has broken the story if that announcement will be moved up.

As for Bolduan? Sources tell FTVLive that it is likely that she will be given her own show later in the day, but the show and the time slot are still being decided. 

As you can see from our reporting on the New Day saga, FTVLive has been FIRST and correct with all our reporting. We can tell you that we are dead on on this one as well. Alisyn Camerota is taking over for Kate Bolduan early next year.

Remember where you read it FIRST!