Sinclair Station Called Out for Misleading Story

There's an old joke in TV news that says, "Don't let the facts get in the way of a good story."

That seems to be exactly how WBFF in Baltimore played it in a recent story and now more than a few people are crying foul.

Mediaite writes that three times over the last 24 hours, Baltimore Fox affiliate WBFF has played a misleadingly edited clip from last week’s National “Justice for All” March in Washington, D.C. to make it sound like protesters were calling on people to “kill a cop.”

“At this rally in Washington, D.C. participants chanted, ‘We won’t stop, we can’t stop, so kill a cop,’” WBFF’s Melinda Roeder said during a Sunday night report about the murder of two police officers in New York City, before playing a truncated version of a protest video from C-SPAN. “The anti-police sentiment reached a turning point this weekend in New York when two officers were gunned down in cold blood.”

Watch the edited version below, via WBFF:

The chat did not say what the station said it did. The chant was:We won’t stop.
We can’t stop.
‘Til killer cops.
Are in cell blocks.

The woman that lead that chant in the video is steaming made at the Baltimore station. She posted this to social media:

Like we said, never let the facts get in the way of a good story.