How Do You Know When The Weather Channel Is Lying....?

...apparently every time they put out a press release.

Remember when The Weather Channel was dropped by DirecTV? As FTVLive reported back in April, the satellite provider only agreed to put The Weather Channel back on after they promised to reduce their non-weather reality programming by half

Hopefully DirecTV negotiated an 'out', because TWC CEO David Kenny is back to desperation moves to try to get viewers. He's announced that "Prospectors", "Highway Thru Hell", and "Why Planes Crash" are returning to the network. 

An insider tells FTVLive TWC dropped the 4-5am show M-F which did better than Sam Champion on many occasions. On weekends, no more weather from Noon-2pm, which means for 17 straight hours on Saturday and Sunday, the only forecast is at the bottom of the screen.

Maybe Kenny and Jeff Zucker could co-produce a new reality show and book deal: "How To Crater Successful Networks For Dummies"?