Taking Over the Main Anchor Chair in Dallas?

Remember back on November 19th when FTVLive told you that  KTVK AM anchor Kaley O’Kelley was headed to Dallas as a primary anchor for KTVT?

Many wondered at the Dallas station where O'Kelley would be fitting in. The rumors started to fly and the Dallas station was not too happy with FTVLive putting the word out that O'Kelley was headed their way.

Earlier, FTVLive reported that KTVT main Anchor Karen Borta was leaving the evening newscast to start anchoring the station's low rated morning show.

The station has not announced who will replace Borta's spot in the evenings, but we are betting big bucks that Kaley O'Kelley will be part of this.

By the way, we still don't buy that Borta moving to mornings is completely her idea. Just saying.... 

Stay tuned and remember where you read it First.