Eugene Forecaster is Headed to Houston

Weather Anchor Justin Stapleton is making a big market leap.

Stapleton is leaving KEZI in Eugene and headed to KPRC in Houston. 

"I've always had a fascination with hurricanes and tropical storms," Stapleton told "That's one of the draws to KPRC and Houston, an opportunity to forecast storms when they get into the Gulf and to be out in the field reporting when severe weather hits. More importantly, a chance to learn from some amazing seasoned mets like Frank and the rest of the team. Also to get a chance to learn from a former NHC director, Dr. Read, is an incredible bonus."

According to his bio, before moving to TV weather, Stapleton worked in the mental health field assisting police departments in Maryland by providing on-site crisis intervention and training. 

This should be a required job prior to anyone working in a TV newsroom.

Just saying...