Buffalo Station Catches Officer Beating Man on Camera

A Photographer for WKBW recorded video of a Buffalo Police Officer beating a man in a popular bar district.

The man that was hit with a baton by officer Corey Krug was not arrested. Krug was caught on video slamming a man onto the hood of a car, pushing him to the pavement and beating him over and over with a nightstick in the early morning of Thanksgiving Day.

No word why WKBW held the video for two weeks before airing it? The station says they have handed over a copy of the video to the Buffalo Police Chief. 

Officer's can be heard yelling "Corey! Corey!" to try and get him to stop, knowing that the TV camera is right there.

Here is a copy of WKBW's report:

If you are one of those that can't see the video, here's the link.