Study Shows Journalists Like Casual Sex....Duh!

According to a new study, people working in the media prefer casual sexual relationships over lifelong commitments or hookups. 

According to a recent study, courtesy of the dating app Clover, one’s occupation can actually shape one’s sex life. The findings reveal that thespians and engineers are among the 9-to-5 workers who prefer hookups over casual relationships, whereas doctors and lawyers seek friendship above all.

The study points out that Although most professionals, including Journalists, police officers and teachers, opt for casual relations, accountants and nurses are among those seeking lifelong commitments.

Clover fail to note what sort of “data” has been analyzed from 33,000 of its users and a handful of popular professions have been left off the list.

Plus it doesn't point out how many Photographers hooked up with the Reporter in the back of the live truck. 

Just saying....

H/T NY Post