Piers Morgan: Anderson Cooper is a Big Diva

Piers Morgan, still very bitter about being fired at CNN says that Anderson Cooper is a big diva. 

Imagine that?

Morgan appeared on Fox News' Kelly File, which apparently needed to fill time. 

Who's a diva over at CNN? Kelly asked. "Anderson [Cooper]," Morgan dished. "He's a pretty big diva, yeah. Anyone that combs their hair that closely and that neatly ..."

Morgan has admitted that he wants back into the TV game baby, but says he is enjoying his gig as a newspaper hack at The Daily Mail. Morgan said that he's enjoying writing two or three columns per week - usually of a "highly provocative nature," as he put it.

He also says he does not regret his anti gun stance he took at CNN, which he claims lost him his job.

The real reason he lost his job was because he sucked, while the "diva" continues to work at CNN and 60 Minutes. 

Just saying.... 

H/T Fox News