Fox News Continues to Tease but NOT air Osama bin Laden Shooter Story

While is seems that just about every media outlet has named Rob O'Neil as the Navy SEAL that shot and killed Osama bin Laden, Fox News continues tease their story which will finally be naming the guy that shot bin Laden.....Rob O'Neil. 

FNC has been teasing over and over again that they sat down with an exclusive interview with O'Neil and last night on the Kelly File they finally aired that exclusive report.

I'm kidding....

They again teased the story by talking to Peter Doocy the Fox News Reporter that sat down with O'Neil.

Megyn Kelly said that Doocy was here to, FOR THE FIRST TIME to give us the name of the man that shot bin Laden.

The man's name............Rob O'Neil. 

Oh.....well that was a bit anti-climatic. 

So, why did Fox News interview the Reporter instead of showing the interview?

Because, according to Doocy they are still upstairs editing the story and it is so damn awesome, you will see why it took them longer to edit a sit down interview than it takes to edit a motion picture next week in a two part report. 

The cub Reporter came on the Kelly File and talked about the biggest story of his life. But, first Megyn Kelly had to take a few shots at the President before interviewing Doocy:

Here's the interview: