Caller Drops the N-Word on C-SPAN

Not that anyone was watching, but call-in debate show on C-SPAN turned ugly yesterday when a California caller used the N-word to refer to President Obama.

New York Daily News writes that the caller identified as Anthony from San Diego, warned Republicans to stick to a moderate agenda following their success in the midterm elections during the open phones portion of the program.

"I would just like to say, that the Republicans -- and I'm a Republican -- please do not overreach," the caller began. "I know they're going to overreach but I'm telling you, if you advocate for the repeal of Obamacare and you get too extreme, then Hillary Clinton will be elected President in 2016."

"This is about race," he added.

"The Republicans hate that n----- Obama."

C-SPAN host Steve Scully quickly ended the man's rant and apologized to viewers.

"Okay, I'm gonna stop you there," Scully said in reference to the slur. "We're not gonna use that kind of language."

"You can certainly make your point, but you cross the line when you use language like that," he added. "And so to our viewers and listeners, I want to apologize."

A representative for C-SPAN said that the network does not use a delay for calls into their programs. 

Maybe they should rethink that.

Just saying.....