Former CNN Anchor Kiran Chetry Doing Infomercials

FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you that Anchor Kiran Chetry was pushed out at Fox News after the network was sick of dealing with her agent John Ferriter.

She then popped up at CNN on another one of the network's failed attempts at a morning show. Chetry signed off in 2011 from CNN promising she wouldn't be gone long and had a "very special opportunity” elsewhere.

Although she had a few token appearances on E! News and a few other places, Chetry has been almost invisible.

So, we were surprised when she saw this Tweet late last week.

Yes folks, Kiran Chetry is now doing infomercials. If this was her "special opportunity" that she talked about, we think she might need to find a new agent.

In our opinion, her agent John Ferriter helped crater her career. 

By the way, NutriBullet cyber Monday deals suck. 

Just saying....