Philly Consumer Reporter is Signing Off

WPVI "Saving with 6ABC" Reporter Amy Buckman is leaving the station after 25 years.

Buckman started at WPVI as a producer in 1989, moved to the Reporter ranks and has been doing the "saving with 6ABC" since 2008. 

Buckman says that the station offered her another contract but she had been thinking for a while about changing gears. "My husband, Terry, is very supportive of my decision and I'm already enjoying spending weekends at home and being able to watch my youngest son's sporting events," Buckman said.

Buckman added that she is looking forward to taking some time off, but will be ready to go back to work when the right opportunity presents itself.

"In the meantime, I'm looking forward to sleeping in on Thanksgiving (though I will watch the parade on TV!) and sipping hot chocolate on my couch during our first winter snowstorm," Buckman said.