Here is Exactly How Your Show will be Stacked Tonight

We would love to see which station is bold enough to just re-rack their Thanksgiving Day newscast from last year and just run it again this year.

It will be the exact same as it is every year.

Despite the fact that people are feeding the homeless everyday of the year, this is the only day that it makes it into the first block of the newscast (OK? Maybe Christmas Day as well). 

So, you will see the feeding the homeless story.

Look for a quick piece on a couple of stranded or late travelers that, "hope to make it in time for some turkey".

The new wrinkle this year will be a piece from Ferguson and what is happening in this "divided town" on this Thanksgiving Day. 

Throw to the Reporter who will do the story about people that have to work on Thanksgiving. Of course, this will include a joke about the TV people having to work on T-Day as well. 

Don't forget the shoppers "that couldn't wait for Black Friday."

A VO from the Macy's Day Parade, a look at our cold weather and a couple of NFL games in sports.

Newscast over and out. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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